About Me

Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m the author of Gracefully Growing!

I live in Upstate New York with my wonderful husband and our three quirky dogs.

You’ll find my life experiences journaled in this blog – which will hopefully be interesting to someone! Topics will range from running and fitness, vegan and vegetarian eating, work – life balance to my journey becoming pregnant and a new mom…..as well as anything else along the way that may be interesting!

About Me – The Details:

I’m 30 years old and live in upstate New York with my husband. I’ve worked for the last five years as a Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager for a global software company – a job that I love doing.

I met my husband at Clarkson University – where we were both engineering majors. Being  typical college students we ate and drank whatever struck us at the moment and never exercised. Upon graduation we moved into our first apartment, were both over weight and pretty unhealthy in our daily habits.

With a wedding approaching I wanted to eat better to lose weight.  I began Weight Watchers and both Todd and I began to lose weight.  Researching additional nutrition and exercise programs we started with The Abs Diet by David Zinczenko .

The Abs Diet was a great book to educate us on which foods we should incorporate into our diet and a good start to a consistent exercise program.  We continued to become fit and lose weight from 2004 to 2006, a total of 20 pounds for me and Todd lost an incredible 70 pounds.

In 2007, we moved from Rome, NY to Albany, NY and on Black Friday at about 9 am I stepped on a treadmill to see if I could jog for thirty minutes without stopping. That day literally changed my life in so many ways and began my love of running.

Through running I’ve learned to push myself and dig within for discipline in ways I never thought possible. As a result of running for hours and the hurdles that can present themselves (herniated disks and IT band issues) I’ve learned the importance of listening to my body – and adjusting accordingly.

Right now that lesson is one I need to focus on more than ever. My current goal is to prep my body for being pregnant. I want to have a healthy, active pregnancy and learn even more about what my body is capable of.

As a result I’m striving for a balance between running and weight lifting – something I’ve never been able to master. It’s always been one or the other full force – mostly due to a lack of time from working and the traveling that comes along with my position.

My mission with this blog, aside from discussing all of the above, is to shed light on the complex and overwhelming journey of becoming not only pregnant, but a new parent.

As someone who didn’t grow up around infants or young children (never even babysat) and didn’t grow up fantasizing about being a mom –  I find the idea of taking care of a newborn slightly terrifying. I also find it overwhelming to begin the research – selecting which books to read first, how to prep my body for baby and articulating all of this to my husband without sounding like a neurotic mother-to-be!

I joke that my husband has the “Mom Gene” and I lack it. I am confident with reading and educating myself I’ll be just fine (after all, there are 250 babies born every MINUTE…so it must be doable)……looking forward to sharing this journey with you! Enjoy!


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